What kind of retiree will you be?

If you’re thinking about retirement, what does that look like for you? Will you welcome a lifestyle without an alarm clock and a rigid schedule, and the freedom to travel when and where you want? Or will you look for part-time employment or take part in the “gig economy”? Will you look for a post-retirement […]

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Proposed Locality and General Pay Increases for Federal Employees

“The average GS Pay increase for 2019 should be about 2.1percent… it’s probably a good idea to evaluate your retirement contribution before the increase hits your paycheck and your pocket.” OPM published newly proposed locality pay areas, and according to the articles linked to in the post, federal employee salaries have been increasing steadily since […]

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Cashing Out Annual Leave at Retirement

The amount of annual leave you can be paid for when you retire depends on whether you are a postal or non-postal employee. Postal Service Employees - If you are a member of the Postal Career Executive Service (PCES), you can receive a lump-sum payment for an unlimited amount of unused annual leave. If you...

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Divorce and Your Federal Retirement Benefits and Pay Planning

It’s no secret that going through a divorce is a stressful and difficult process. No matter where you are in your personal life, it’s important to know and understand your CSRS or FERS benefits and how they may be affected in the event of a divorce.

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Using Joint Ownership for Incapacity Planning

The simplest, least expensive tactic for dealing with potential incapacity is to put some assets in joint ownership, with right of survivorship. For example, you might name a son or daughter as joint owner of your bank account so he/she can pay bills for you, handle deposits, etc. However, there are problems with

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