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Retirement is a time to relax.

That's why we make it so easy.

Retirement is a lot more fun when you are prepared for it. To be prepared, we believe that you should plan to have an income that pays at least 70% of your working income for at least 25-30 years beyond your retirement age. Sadly, a recent report by the Society of Actuaries revealed that around half of Americans under-estimate their life expectancy so their financial planning for retirement falls short. In addition, in the next 3 years, nearly 30% of the entire Federal workforce will be eligible to retire, creating a massive logjam at HR and OPM. A comfortable retirement won’t just happen. You have to plan for it. Let us help.

Do you have a gap between what you need to retire and what you have?

Just follow the simple three step process.

Talk with an Insight benefits counselor today. We make it easy with our simple three-step process. Get the clarity you need by scheduling a free no-obligation appointment today.
Our 20-minute counseling session will provide a basic understanding of the benefits offered on the federal platform using an educational guide designed to simplify the learning process.

We Educate.

We Analyze.

Our counselors use a proprietary software program to create an individualized benefit analysis and future retirement projection for you. We’ll input your current information to develop a customized report illustrating various retirement ages:

 - Projected pension payouts, including survivor benefit options
 - Social Security estimates
 - FEGLI coverage and future cost analysis

Our process transforms a complicated overwhelming benefits system into an easy-to-understand guide for optimzing the available options. You will clearly see how the decisions you make today will affect your future.
Our counselors will identify any inefficiencies in the employee’s current benefit elections and provide assistance in making any necessary adjustments. Our proprietary system is designed to integrate both federal and private sector benefit solutions to achieve the optimal plan for you given your unique set of challenges, resources, and goals.

We Optimize.

Insight Benefit Counselors, LLC. is an independent organization and is not a government agency or affiliated with the federal government.The Federal Government does not favor, endorse, or recommend any commercial company, product, or the views of Insight Benefit Counselors.

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